Story House Village Vision

Story House Village is a 240+ acre planned community built on the pillars of inspiration, empathy, inclusion, and empowerment. Planted proudly in the fertile basin of the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, this multi-generational mixed-use community will grow to be a heartland destination for creatives of all kinds. Cultivating an environment conducive to creativity, Story House Village will weave cultural experience with sustainable, climate innovative approaches, to emerge as a beacon of possibility while championing practices celebrating Sheridan’s vibrant and diverse community. Story House Village will thoughtfully imagine housing inventory to support Sheridan’s workforce, veterans, seniors, and families at attainable prices while also carving a commercial district and Village Center to inspire visionaries to bring business ventures to life, further bolstering an already thriving Sheridan economy.

Story House Village will be a beacon of possibility to all searching for a higher quality of life. Returning to the healing and pristine valley of the Big Horn Mountains, we invite you to join in cultivating creativity, supporting locally sourced sustainable practices, and choosing climate innovative approaches to responsible living all while enjoying the thriving destination of Sheridan, Wyoming. Story House is a gateway to the recreational, healing lifestyle of the American West. With bike trails and pathways that connect the city end to end, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and fly fishing less than an hour away, Story House has found its home. A haven tucked away in the mountains of Wyoming, Story House will shine a new light on Western culture while protecting and preserving its natural beauty.

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