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A sustainable new community for all generations in Sheridan, WY

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A Development with a Vision

Story House Village is a multi-generational mixed-use planned community seeking to cultivate imagination, inspire health, and stretch the ideas of reciprocity and equality in all human acts.

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Too many new developments are all about profit. They often lack a purpose and vision for the betterment of the community. The future of Sheridan deserves more.

Our Story Begins with Phase One

Phase One: 30 acres on the southernmost portion of Story House Village along Wyarno Road, creating stunning, unblocked views of the surrounding plains and mountain ranges. 8 pads divided into roughly 100 lots will be a combination of multi-family apartments, single family homes, and mixed-use commercial properties.

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A haven that lies beneath Wyoming's beautiful Big Horn Mountains, Story House Village will shine a new light on western culture while protecting and preserving its natural beauty.

“Stories are the foundational currency of humankind. If steel serves as the framework for cities and bridges, then surely story is the framework of the mind and consequently is of far greater value.”

– Sean Patrick Higgins, Founder/CEO

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